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Next August 1st, like every year, the National Holiday of Switzerland is celebrated, (which would be October 12 in Spain) and we do not want to miss this special occasion to bring you a little closer to the history of our National holiday.

History of the Swiss National Holiday (August 1)

The national holiday Switzerland is the official National Day in Switzerland since 1994.

This festival has been held since the nineteenth century in particular since 1891 and is commemorative of the 600th anniversary of the Federal Pact, this pact is understood as the foundational of the Swiss homeland and the fact that it is celebrated on August 1 is in commemoration of the approximate date of signing this document.

The federal pact of 1291 was in which the union of the three primitive cantons of Switzerland was agreed: Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden.

In times prior to the establishment of the national holiday in Switzerland only the typical festivities of each canton were celebrated.

From the foundation of a single state from the union of the cantons, it was agreed to establish a national festivity, like the rest of the adjacent Nations. This type of festivity was (and is) of great social importance, since it strengthened the ties between the communities of different cantons and also consolidated a patriotic feeling for those who reside outside Switzerland.

The first time the Swiss national holiday was celebrated, two festive days were declared and consisted, among other things, of a theatrical performance with more than 950 actors and figures who represented the history of Switzerland through songs and performances. The second day of the festivities consisted of celebrations closer to the feeling and Swiss folklore, how are the songs of William Tell, boat trips and the lighting of the mountains and mountains to the city of Rütli.

This festivity is sometimes combined with cantonal and local fiestas, which sometimes add to the traditional celebrations, the tolling of the bells at 7 pm and the lighting of bonfires in the high points near the cities.

The 1st of August is an official holiday throughout Switzerland. Before this festivity was established, on August 1 was working in some cantons and festive or semi-festive in others, until September 26, 1993 by popular initiative, was definitively established as a national holiday.

Although the 1st of August is national holiday in Switzerland, the people in charge of organizing the festivities in each city, are the municipal authorities, although the president of the Swiss Confederation gives a speech at national level through radio and television.

Today, these festivities include: bonfires, parades, music orchestras, parades and fireworks. Traditional recipes are prepared in commemoration of this day.

As you can see, our national holiday celebrates the coexistence and solidarity among all the cantons that make up the country, and that is in a country where 4 official languages ​​are spoken, which are German, French, Italian and Romansh; And that is composed of independent cantons adhering to each other to form a single country, collaborating together for a collective improvement is a reason more than worthy to celebrate.

Then we leave you some videos so you can see some of the typical festivities held in several cantons of Switzerland.


Pinned of Bonfires


Swiss Anthem played with traditional Alphorn